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New World Location Guide: Where to Find All Dungeons? Legendary Reward

In MMOs, dungeons can be described as high-level PvE-based group activities that generally take place in a closed area that is brimming with monsters of overpower and high-end loot. New World provides this classic Dungeon experience to its players with the name of Expeditions.


Six expeditions are available on offer in New World, which offer players numerous tasks to complete, high-level monsters to be killed, and absurdly strong bosses to battle. Successfully completing an expedition rewards players with some of the most sought-after loots.


The Amrine Excavation - Windsward

The Starstone Barrows- Everfall

The DepthsThe Deeps Restless Shore

The Dynasty Shipyard- Ebonscale Reach

The Lazarus Instrumentality- Reekwater

Edengrove, the Garden of Genesis- Edengrove

The players can take part in these exciting adventures whenever they wish. However, it is best to enter a dungeon when you've reached the minimum level required, unless you want to get to be completely destroyed by fierce monsters.

1. The Amrine Excavation

The Amrine Excavation is the first adventure in the New World, and it is unlockable by moving through the Main Story and reaching the Destiny Unearthed quest. This quest gives you access to the first expedition. It is recommended to be at or near the level of 25 before venturing into this dark, corrupted, and mysterious Dungeon.

I. Location

The Amrine Excavation in New World is located in Windsward North of the settlement, and west of Noblereach. Check out the map below to find exact location of the dungeon.

To access the expedition, you require the Amrine Tuning Orb, which can be crafted using Corrupted Silver x10 or Iron Chisel x1 and Stone Block 50, Eternal Heart x1, or obtained through quests.


II. Boss Fights

Armine Excavation has two bosses: Foreman Nakashima, the ghostly form of the deceased Foreman in the digging team as well as Simon Grey, a massive Ravager who is at least a few times taller that the average adventurer.


You'll get 84.00 Coin, 2100 XP, as well as 210 weapon mastery for taking down each boss.

III. Rewards

In addition to the gold and XP, the Amrine Excavation offers Tier-3, rare gears , with score of 370 to complete the dungeon after defeating monsters and the bosses.


Simon Grey's Toothpick (Weapon Rapier, Weapon)

Flare Spark (Weapon, Fire Staff)

Darkness Defined (Weapon, Great Axe)

Simon's Hacksilver Ring (Jewelry)

Nakashima's Keepsake (Jewelry)

Space Between (Weapon, Sword) Space Between (Weapon, Sword)

Cavern's defense (Weapon, Bow)

2. The Starstone Barrows

The Starstone Barrows are unlocked once you have reached level 33 and have completed your Researcher's Request quest. After that, William Heron will provide you with a brand new quest chain, including the Starstone of Shattering quest leading you to the Starstone Barrows.


Make sure to start the expedition once you have reached level 35. This is the recommended level for this dungeon.


I. Location

The Starstone Barrows in New World is located in Everfall located to the to the southeast from the Everfall settlement and north of the Amrine Excavation site. Look at the map below to find the exact position of the Dungeon.

For access to the mission it is necessary to have an Starstone Tuning Orb which is crafted with the fragment that has been damaged x10, steel chisel with x1, Stone brick x50, and Elemental heart x1. You can also acquire it through quests.


II. Boss Fights

Starstone Barrows has two bosses: Alectos the Relentless, a powerful mage, and Greundgul who is who guards the treasures in the obelisk. Remember, both these bosses are resistant to fire but vulnerable to lightning.


You will receive 99 gold, 1350 XP, and 540 Weapon Mastery points for defeating each boss.


III. Rewards

The Starstone Barrows offers Tier-3, rare equipment with score of 420 for finishing the expedition by defeating the beasts and bosses.


Graveguard's Seal (Jewelry or Amulet)

The personnel members of the Immolated Veil (Weapon Staff, Fire Staff)

Obsidian Rapier (Weapon, Rapier)

Creeping cold (Weapon, Ice Gauntlet)

Fleeting Reality (weapon, Hatchet)

3. The Depths

The Depths mission requires you to defy commander Thorpe. The mission has a suggested amount of 45.


I. Location

The Depths expedition located in New World is located in the north of settlement in Restless Shore, south of the Shiresad Beach, and north of the Verdant Ascent. Check out the map below to find the precise location of the dungeon.

For accessing the expedition to participate, you need the Depths Tuning Orb, which is made with Corrupted Shard x10, Starmetal Chisel x1, Lodestone Brick x50, and Energy Core x1, or purchase it through quests.


Your group also requires at least three members, each with an Azoth Staff to complete the Expedition.


II. Boss Fights

The Depths expedition has two bosses. Archdeacon Azamela the servant of Thorpe and the leader of his army, and Commander Thorpe is a potent corrupt agent and a serious risk to Aeternum.


To make this trip a success, it is highly advised to form a five-member party with one dedicated Tank and Healer as well as three DPS that include a ranged DPS member.


You will receive 114.00 Gold along with 1650 XP, as well as the 330 Weapon Mastery to defeat every boss.

III. Rewards

The Depths provide Tier-4 Epic Rarity rewards with a Gear Score of 465 after finishing the quest by defeating the bosses and monsters.


Tundra Warden's Rifle (Weapon Musket)

Duplicitous Intent (Weapon, Life Staff)

Willing Sacrifice (Weapon Sword)

Holy Pledger's Band (Jewelry, Ring)

Corruption Infused Longbow (Weapon, Bow)

4. The Dynasty Shipyard

The Dynasty Shipyard expedition is based on the premise that the Empress of Ebonscale is building a fleet warships. The Empress and her fleet must be destroyed for the security of Aeternum and the rest of the world.


The expedition has a recommended amount of about 55.


I. Location

The Dynasty Shipyard in New World is located in the southern part of Ebonscale Reach, south-west of Serenity Rise and west of the Stormcourt Fields. Refer to the map below for the exact location of the dungeon.

Your group requires an Dynasty Tuning Orb to access the quest, and it can be made using Corrupted Crystal x10, Orichalcum Chisel x1, Obsidian Voidstone x10, and Energy Core x1, or you can get it by completing quests.


In addition, your party must have at the very least one Azoth Staff in order to complete the mission.

II. Boss Fights

Dynasty Shipyard also has two bosses: Isabella, and Zhou Taiying Zhou Taiying, a beautiful and elegant empress who is brimming with anger who leads an army loyal beyond death and wields enormous corruption power to take her vengeance.


To be able to defeat these formidable bosses, you need at minimum one dedicated healer, one Tank, and two Ranged DPS (Musket or Bow) members of the appropriate level in your party.


You'll get 256 XP and 256 Weapon Mastery for defeating each Isabella's pets, as well as 127.50 gold along with 1920 XP, as well as 768 Weapon Mastery to defeat Empress Zhou Taiying.


III. Rewards

The Dynasty Shipyard offers Tier-4, Epic Rarity rewards and a Gear Score of 500 for the achievement of taking on the monsters and bosses.


Tempest's Call (Weapon, Bow)

The Flamewake (Weapon for fire staff,)

Band of Ocean's Oath (Jewelry Ring, Jewellery)

"Rapier" of the Forgotten Queens (Weapon, Rapier)

Inner Peace (Weapon, Great Axe)

Promise of Power (Weapon sword, Weapon)

Tayings the Heart (Weapon, Ice Gauntlet)

5. The Lazarus Instrumentality

The Lazarus Instrumentality expedition has an game-wide recommended level of 60, making it an activity intended for players who have reached Level 60. This mission has a chance of dropping Legendary rare weapons with an average Gear Score of 580+.


I. Location

The Lazarus Instrumentality expedition is located to the north of the Reekwater settlement located in Reekwater. Refer to the map below for precise position of the dungeon.

To gain access to the adventure it is necessary to have a Lazarus Tuning Orb, which can be created using Corrupted Lodestone x20, Asmodeum Chisel x1, Runestone x10, Lazarus Core x1, or you can acquire it through quests.


The party must also have at least one person with an Azoth Staff to make it through the Expedition.


II. Boss Fights

The Lazarus Instrumentality comes with two enemies: Cilla is a monster utilizing both lethal weaponry and destructive magics as well as Chardis an enormous, ancient construct.

For Cilla, you can use the same strategy, distracting Cilla by distracting him with his Tank of the group and the other members taking on their own attacks the process, however Chardis doesn't focus his attacks on a single player. It's a race of endurance against Chardis.


III. Rewards

The Lazarus Instrumentality expedition offers the following Tier-5 Legendary Rarity rewards you with a Gear Score of 500-600 for completing the adventure by defeating monsters and bosses.


Sol (Weapon, Hatchet)

"Will of the ancients." (Weapon, Life Staff)

Featherweight Ring (Jewelry, Ring)

Lazarus Bow (Weapon, Bow)

Frostgrasp (Weapon, Ice Gauntlet)

6. Garden of Genesis Garden of Genesis

Garden of Genesis is an endgame activity. Garden of Genesis expedition is also an activity that ends the game This means that the required amount for this expedition is a maximum of 60.


I. Location

The Garden of Genesis is located in the Edengrove located east of Mountainrise and west of Last Stand. Check out the map below for the precise position of the dungeon.

The party must have the Genesis Tuning Orb for access to the quest and can be made using Corrupted Lodestone x10, Asmodeum Chisel x1, Runestone x5, and Genesis Core x1, or purchase it via quests.

Your party also requires at least 1 Azoth Staff as well as 1 Mining Pickaxe along with 1 Harvesting Sickle.


II. Boss Fights

Garden of Genesis also has two bosses: Aluvium Marl- The Caretaker, and The Blighted Greenskeeper. These bosses at the end of the game hit extremely hard, and really very hard, and you must ensure no other player apart from the Tank is hit by their attacks.


Defeating each boss will reward you with 144 Gold Coins and also 900 weapons mastery.


III. Rewards

Garden of Genesis Garden of Genesis offers the following Tier-5 Legendary Rarity rewards you with the possibility of earning a Gear Score between 500 and 600 for the achievement of defeating the monsters and the bosses.


Anger Earth The Exterminator (Weapon, Spear)

Missy Kismet Charm (Jewelry Earrings, Jewelry)

Creeping Recurve (Weapon Bow)

"Doom's Chance Earring (Jewelry, Earring)

Primordial Edge (Weapon, Sword)

7. About New World

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by Amazon Games set to be launched on August 31, 2021. The game was originally scheduled to release in May 2020, but it was delayed to its current date.


The story takes place in the mid-1600s. players are able to live in a fictional world called Aeternum Island, modeled after North and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean. The game will be using an approach of buying-to-play which means there is no monthly subscription fees.


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