Buying points for PA articulation endoscope

PA articulation endoscope

PA articulation endoscope has better Flexibility, higher resolution inspection images, and greater flexibility in industrial inspection with the benefits of digitization. In the last issue, I shared with you the working principle of the PA articulation endoscope video imaging system, and on this basis, introduced the purchase points that should be considered when purchasing.

The main points of purchasing a PA articulation endoscope mainly include the following aspects: probe outer diameter size, working length, native pixel number, field of view angle, focal length , lighting, etc. The first two factors mainly depend on the condition of the detection channel, and the number of native pixels is determined according to the detection requirements. For ordinary detection, 290,000 or 440,000 pixels can be selected. For high-definition requirements, 1.2 million pixels can be selected.

The field of view angle affects the observation range of the endoscopic inspection (the larger the field of view angle, the larger the observation range), and the focal length affects the depth of field effect of the endoscopic inspection image, Image size and perspective strength, these two parameters are more reflected in the lens at the front of the probe. Usually, manufacturers provide lenses of various specifications, and you can choose two or more lenses for backup when purchasing. Endoscopic inspection lighting mainly considers the brightness adjustment ability. The probe approaches or leaves the surface to be measured and the reflectivity difference of different surfaces should be matched with light of different illuminance, so the brightness should be automatically controlled.

PA articulation endoscope


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