A man is like a cauldron

Flying fire plumes rolling like a huge tsunami, carrying the spirit of heaven and earth around the monks to enjoy breathing, have sat down and began to race against time to practice.

Flying fire plumes rolling like a huge tsunami, carrying the spirit of heaven and earth around the monks to enjoy breathing, have sat down and began to race against time to practice. With this place as the center, the towering fire phoenix hovered in Wufang City for a moment, sending out its last cry and soaring into the sky! Suwei opened his eyes, and the wrinkles between his eyebrows slowly unfolded. He looked at Xie Cradle with a tired smile. Congratulations to Martial Uncle on entering the Mahayana period. Xie Cradle looked at him. Xie cradle see Su Wei tired, told him to rest, then alone out of the door, green Jiao pestered Su Wei, did not follow up. Fire phoenix celestial phenomena have disappeared, the red sun on the horizon dispels the cold fog in early winter, the night has not dissipated, everything in the distance is still like an outline outlined by an ink pen, not very clear. The city of Wufang was even more silent, which was the tranquility before the coming of the war. Xie Cradle intends to go back to the room to rest for a while, thinking that there is no group of sleeping limbs in the room, a moment of some light loss, Xiao Chu has not left her side for a day since birth, do not know where Xie Lang,tube lip gloss, can sleep at night. She took two more steps forward, suddenly felt like a needle prick in her back, released her divine consciousness, and found that someone was hiding in the dark, covered with dew, and her eyes fell quietly on her. Cradle Xie stopped and turned back slowly. The moon has not yet fallen, the sun has just been born,cosmetic plastic tube, the wind moves the bamboo forest, and the rustling gives birth to the cold sound. Remembering their first encounter, Xie clumsily tried to find a way out of the lack of Reiki on the Xuanming River, without a trace of Reiki all over his body, like a mortal who had strayed here. However, she was suspected by her younger martial sister, who had been raised since childhood, and was laid down by the monster Yingri Ridge. The golden elixir was broken, and her vitality was greatly damaged. She had no business. He did not know the way, nor was he willing to ask her for directions. He passed by her several times, and the expression on his face became worse and worse. She kindly showed him a way out, but instead of being grateful, he looked like he disliked her for being so eventful. He took her with him and walked slowly out of the Xuanming River for two or three years. He was so disgusted with her behavior of giving up on herself under the Xuanming River that he usually looked at her with the corners of her eyes. If you are happy, metal cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic tube, you will say a few words to her in a strange way. If you are unhappy, you will ignore her. Even though he was now her husband and the father of her two children, she had to admit that his character was really annoying at the beginning. Waking up from the memory, Xie walked up to him and hugged him with both hands. Xie Lang was stunned and looked down at her. He sketched in his mind for a long time, but did not make a draft of what he should say when he met her. He had planned to wait for her to come out and walk away, but unexpectedly she hugged him directly without saying a word. Xie Lang looked at her lack of Reiki and raised her eyebrows: "Is it difficult to come here to rub Reiki again?"? Just as he was thinking about it, he heard Xie open his mouth lightly: "I thought it was an illusion again, but who knew I really hugged him this time.". What are you doing here? “…… To apologize. Xie Cradle raised her head in surprise, facing his silver phoenix eyes. She held his hand in her arms and did not let go. After a moment of doubt, she asked, "Don't you usually answer'passing by 'at this time?" "Shut up." He glared at her, then brewed for a while and said, "It was my fault about Xiao Chu. I was angry with you at that time. I didn't want to know anything about you. So when you gave birth, I didn't protect you." When Mengmeng was born, he was so powerless that he had to rely on her to protect himself so as not to be injured by the disaster. But Xiao Chu, it's really his fault. It's one thing for her to be fickle, but it's another thing for her daughter not to be with her when she was born. Xie Cradle also said, "I have recognized my adoptive father for Xiao Chu. Do you know about this?" She obviously felt Xie Lang's body stiff, and then heard him grunt reluctantly, indicating that he knew. Xiao Chu was born smoothly and accepted his kindness. At that time, although I was able to withstand the disaster, but there were some dangers, I dare not bet on these. Xie Cradle said softly, "This is a cause and effect owed to Qinshan Lord. I can't return it. I can only return it at the beginning. So I recognized her adoptive father, which is the end of cause and effect." "It makes sense." Xie Lang answered, his voice full of unwillingness. Cradle Xie looked at him with a smile in his eyes. "So, can you forgive me?" Xie Lang looked at her and slowly pushed aside her hand: "Cradle, the child is one thing, you are another.". When I was born, I didn't stay by your side. I should apologize for my promise. But you are really ungrateful to me, fickle, even directly forget me, I really do not know how to forgive you. Guilt and forgiveness are not the same thing, cradle, I don't want to lie to you. "I know." Xie put down his hand and took a slow step back. I'm leaving. You have a good rest. Xiao Chu lives in my place. You don't have to worry about it. Xie Lang turned around. Xie Cradle showed a gentle smile, and the brilliance in his eyes was much dimmer than when he first saw him: "Good." Let Mengmeng come to see me when I go back. I miss him. Xie Lang turned his head sideways and was silent for a moment before he nodded gently. 89 Qinshan Dabi 5 As the sky brightened, Suwei recovered a little. He got up to look for Xie Cradle and went to sign up together. He was surprised to find Xie Cradle standing on the edge of the bamboo, with dew on her skirt and the breeze blowing. He walked in and whispered her name. Only then did Xie Cradle wake up and smiled sideways. "Let's go." Suwei knew that she might have met with a sad thing, and she was thinking about how to open her mouth to comfort her, but Xie Cradle had already opened the door, and a white ball in the doorway quickly stood up and rushed forward. Mother! Mengmeng hung her hands around her neck and buried her head in her shoulder socket. Mengmeng was no longer the small fox dumpling she had been hundreds of years ago. This attack immediately made the defenseless Xie Cradle stagger back several steps. After she stood firm, she raised her right hand and stroked her son's back. She asked doubtfully, "Why don't you go in?" After Xie Lang left,plastic laminted tube, she had been standing in the courtyard in a daze, and her divine consciousness was all introverted and did not come out. Mengmeng's divinity has always been released. If he had arrived long ago, he should have known that she had never rested or practiced. Why did she still stand at the door and delay until now? Mengmeng kept silent. emptycosmetictubes.com


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