Chivalrous and heroic

Master Hongyi said in a deep voice, "You and I have the same suspicion.

Master Hongyi said in a deep voice, "You and I have the same suspicion. It's just that Lao Xiu and Zhu Heng have been together for a long time. They should be open and aboveboard. They are enemies, but they are suspected.". If there is any major accident, I will be left alone. He can neither share weal and woe nor wealth. Why should I love this? Just wait for a pair of villains to return and kill the three children of Xiahou quietly. Get out as soon as possible and do it again. "Have you found out where Xiahou and the others were imprisoned?" Asked Wu yuan. Master Hongyi said with a sneer, "I have a clear sense of gratitude and resentment in my life, and I have no revenge. Zhu Heng is extremely unreasonable to me. How can we not let Zhu Heng know that I am fierce? Not only will I find out where Xiahou is imprisoned, but I will also turn Luofu upside down to eliminate this hatred." Wu yuan said, "The master's strength seems to be too weak. It's not good to outsmart himself." Master Hongyi shot a cold light in his eyes and snorted, "I have ordered my disciples to invite a capable person to come here to help me. There is no doubt that he will be here today and tomorrow. Please take him to hide in the ancient temple of Huashou. When the time is ripe, I will inform my Taoist friends." As he spoke, he lowered his voice and whispered to Wu yuan for a long time. Yueyang saw Master Hongyi's lips moving, but he couldn't hear what they were talking about. Suddenly, he had a brainwave. He was not in a hurry to find out what they were talking about. He turned around and went back to the way he had come. He went out of Chaoyuan Cave, crossed Yuhua Bridge, and went around Zunsheng Pavilion. Along the way, people were fascinated. But Yueyang had something in mind and was not in the mood to play. He hurried by. Not far from the mouth of Huanglong Cave, there is a narrow path, which is close to the cliff beside the mountain, with a cliff of thousands of feet and an abyss of ten thousand feet. Along the narrow path, Yue Yang rounded two mountainsides and saw a strange pine growing across the cliff, with tangled branches, like a dragon hanging in the sky. The cliff is full of parasitic vines, which is a natural tendency for one man to block the barrier and ten thousand men cannot open it. Standing on the cliff, Yue Yang was at least twenty or thirty feet away from the strange pine tree. Just as he was about to go down, he heard a loud sound of the name of the Buddha floating in his ears: "This is a place where there are no people. What are you doing here?" Yue Yang was so frightened that he turned around and looked up, but it was Master Hongyi. Master Hongyi's eyes twinkled and he pretended to smile. As soon as he lifted the purple monk's robe, his body fell five feet in front of Yue Yang's body. He put his single palm in front of his chest to inquire, and secretly used his true strength to fight at any time. "Visit the mountains and rivers," said Yue Yang. "Wherever you want to go, you can choose to go there and observe your feelings in the haze. What does it mean that there is no distinction between people and people?"? If so, why did the master come here? Master Hongyi was at a loss for words. He gazed at Yue Yang for a long time and suddenly said with a sneer, "No matter how Tan Yue spits out lotus flowers, I don't believe you are an ordinary mountain traveler. You must do something here." As soon as Yue Yang raised his sword, he said with a sneer, "That's strange. I've come here to do something and nothing. What does it have to do with you, monk?"! How can a person outside the square speak so abruptly and rudely? He doesn't look like an innocent monk. Master Hongyi was robbed of white by Yue Yang. He couldn't help getting angry and shouted, "My eyes are like lightning. If I had known you were not a good road, I would have seen how many arts you dared to be arrogant in front of me." Said a single palm split out. Yue Yang was trained by He Shulan, and his martial arts were very advanced, which could not be mentioned in the same breath. When Hong Yi's palm came out, his eyes were slightly raised, thermal imaging camera , his body rose to the sky, and soon he flew behind Master Hong Yi. The body has not yet landed, Huodi will open the black bone fracture fan, slanting a move "west wind shaking willow" a wisp of cold wind, hit the five main points behind Master Hongyi. As soon as Hong's palm fell through, he saw Yue Yang's body lift off. Suddenly, he felt the strong wind hitting his body behind his chest. He was startled. He took a step obliquely, twisted his waist and straightened up. His palms pushed out the style of "wind and thunder all over the sky". Yue Yang knew that if he retreated, the opponent's palm force would come out again and again, and it was hard to avoid being killed. He decided to advance in order to retreat. He quickly sank one leg and went seven inches deep into the earth. His body moved obliquely, and the folding fan came out quickly. With a shake of his wrist, the fan expanded its vibration, shaking out dozens of fan shadows, and attacked Hongyi's chest. Hong Yi's heavy internal force could not force Yue Yang to take a step. He saw that Yue Yang's body was like a willow in the wind, shaking and shaking. His mind could not help shaking. He also saw that Yue Yang's fan was coming quickly, and there was no way to crack it. In amazement, he could not help but rise to the sky and fall three feet away. With a loud shout, Yue Yang closed the folding fan and swung his wrist fiercely, but he saw that the fan rain was like electricity, pointing to Master Hongyi. Although it was only a "rain all over the sky", it contained infinite changes. You should know that Yue Yang has been on Yuzhong Mountain for two months. He Shulan has a special liking for Yue Yang. On the surface, he is reserved and indifferent, but in fact, he is as enthusiastic as fire. He points out that Yue Yang's martial arts are unique and mysterious, and Yue Yang has benefited a lot. As soon as Yue Yang made this fast break, Hong Yi was forced to go backwards again and again. He had a chance to kill and shouted: "Wait a minute!"! I have something to say! As soon as Yue Yang closed his fan, he fluttered back. Master Hongyi smiled faintly and said, "If I have a good expectation, Tan Yue must be looking for Zhu Heng of the Ape Sword. It's ridiculous that Zhu Heng thinks he's in a secret place, and no one knows. After all, fire can't be wrapped up in paper.." He took one look at Yue Yang and said, "Lao Na didn't block you with malice just now. I'm afraid you're in trouble. It will be very difficult for you to get away again." Yue Yang said with a smile, "Thank you for your attention, Master. Since I dare to come here, I have a perfect plan. But I don't know the size of the master. Please tell me." He knew that Master Hongyi would not dare to tell him openly, so he asked him on purpose. Sure enough, Master Hongyi rolled his eyes and said with a smile, "People outside the old oil square are entangled with gratitude and resentment because they can't get rid of their anger. They don't know who is right and who is wrong. It's difficult to distinguish between good and evil in Wulin. So you don't know my name is the best. You have a fixed view of me early, and you have made a deep mistake. But there is one thing you can tell I am neither the enemy of Tan Yue nor the friend of Zhu Heng. Please believe me. Master Hong originally thought that he had expected things to happen like a God. He had expected that Yue Yang would seek revenge from Zhu Heng and make trouble. If he went deep alone, it would be doomed, and it would not hinder him much. Who knows this wrong judgment, then planted the disaster of death. As soon as he finished, he waved his big sleeve and pulled himself up in the air, like a huge grey crane, and disappeared into the jungle of ancient trees. After seeing Master Hongyi off, Yue Yang could not help smiling proudly on his handsome face. He turned his face and stared at the strange pine hanging on the stone wall, thinking about how to answer Zhu Heng seamlessly without making him suspicious. The task was so important that he had to act cautiously. Thinking of this, Yue Yang's body swished like a fallen leaf and fell quietly on the branch.


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