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"But Brother Tian, if we open a pawnshop, it will be very troublesome!"!

"But Brother Tian, if we open a pawnshop, it will be very troublesome!"! We collect other people's mortgage and distribute money, which is tantamount to suppressing our liquidity. Although the business in our store is good now, the fast food culture of nightclubs must keep pace with the times. If our liquidity turnover does not come, then our business will decline. Now we are on the road. If there is no money, How can the brothers below feel at ease? Yan Fei said carefully that he is also a leader now, one thing must be considered comprehensively, otherwise, there will be problems, that is, to live up to the sun, but also to obliterate their dreams. Yang Tian chuckled and smiled. Now Yan Fei is more and more like a boss. As a boss, you must be far-sighted and thoughtful. If you don't have such characteristics, even if you have stood in a high position, you will soon be trampled down. This is not necessarily a business that does not make money. The more you drive, the more your car depreciates. The more you wear, the more shabby your clothes are. But what about your house? House prices are getting higher and higher. Yang Tian said to Yan Fei with a smile. There was a flash of light in Yan Fei's eyes. He understood and drew a strong smile at the corners of his mouth. He opened a pawnshop not to earn that little money, but to earn the potential of promotion. If it was a small matter of thousands of yuan, he could borrow it casually. He didn't have to come to the pawnshop at a discount. If he came, he would probably borrow more than tens of thousands of yuan. As an ordinary family, the valuable thing was the house. If it can not be repaid on time,outdoor digital signage displays, then it is tantamount to buying a house at a low price, and then a few more house prices, multiple properties in hand, can earn double or even higher profits. Brother Tian, I see, hehe. Yan Fei said with a smile that he had several times expressed his incomprehension of Yang Tian's practice, but after understanding it, he realized that Yang Tian had a unique insight and a profound meaning. He sighed with emotion in his heart: If you follow such a person,facial recognition thermometer, why not bring glory to your ancestors? "But Brother Tian, the reserve fund we have saved now is only 500,000 yuan. The company and the pawnshop can't be done at the same time. Which one do we do first?" Yan Fei asked. Open a pawnshop first. Our current entertainment business makes money quickly, which can maintain the early development of the pawnshop. I will also raise money to start a company as soon as possible. The following brothers should watch it. I don't want others to say that our people are a mob. Yang Tian looked at Yan Feidao with sharp eyes. Yan Fei felt a strong sense of oppression, which was not imposed on him, but felt in his heart. Yes, brother Tian, what's the name of our pawnshop? Yan Fei asked again. The sunny day thought slightly, then called: "called the sky blue." Is the sky blue? Yan Fei smiled and said, the world has been black to the edge, will it be blue? "Yes!"! When I was young, I always liked to look at the sky, because it was very blue. When I grew up, I stopped looking at it, because there was less and less blue and more and more gray. Yang Tian smiled at the corners of his mouth. He doesn't know when the sky will be blue, facial recognization camera ,temperature check kiosk, but he has to master the gray. If you master all the gray, then everyone else will see blue except you. If you go to hell and take away the ghosts, then you are self-sacrificing in the eyes of others. Chapter 211 natural contrast. "It's all right.". Yang Tian fiddled with the teapot and said lightly. Brother Tian, I will open the Sky Blue Pawnshop as soon as possible. I will go first. Said Yan Fei got up and left. In the past twenty days, Yang Tian has been learning to drive in the driving school. He has successfully passed the first test. Today, the Sky Blue Pawnshop opened. Yang Tian did not let Yan Fei open in a hurry, but gave him enough time to prepare. The opening time is set at 8:30, and the address of Sky Blue Pawnshop is located in the busiest Wuyi Street. At 8:15, the sun arrives at Wuyi Street. The sign on the Sky Blue Pawnshop was hung high with red cloth, a row of salutes were placed on the doorway, flower baskets were placed on both sides, and a huge balloon was pulled, which looked quite powerful. There were two people standing in the doorway, with fireworks on their clothes. When they saw the sun, they nodded respectfully and called each other kindly, "Brother Tian.". They were all brothers who had been in the same cell with Yang Tian and knew Yang Tian. Uh Yang Tian smiled at the two men. He remembered them, but he couldn't remember their names. Two people smile to open the door for the sun, they respect the sun, but not too much publicity, Yan Fei has long told them, see the sun in public, not too much publicity. The pawnshop was not too big, about 150 square meters, and it was as popular as if it were in the lecture hall of the General Assembly. There were long tables on both sides, with red tablecloths, fruit and champagne on them. Yan Fei, dressed in a light blue suit with fireworks on his chest, was busy before and after. When he saw the sunny day coming in, he was delighted and greeted him with a smile. Yang Tian did not wait to speak, eyebrows stand up, sweat, how did she come? She's back from Nagayama? "Hum, Yan boss, the guest that you invite also wants good and bad intermingled!"! He's here? Mu Linger came over with a glass of champagne and said to the sun that it was neither salty nor light. "Uh.." Yan Fei showed his displeasure. Just as he was about to say something, Yang Tian opened his mouth with a smile and said, "Oh, boss Yan invited me, a poor boy. Naturally, I want to give face." Hum Mu Linger left with a white glance and said, "What are you pretending to be? Even if you are not the owner of this pawnshop, you are also a major shareholder!"! "Oh, brother Tian, did you quarrel with your sister-in-law?" Yan Fei whispered awkwardly. Shit, don't talk nonsense. Yang Tian gave a white look, how can everyone think that Mu Linger is their own woman? "Tingting, come here.". Yan Fei turned to the girl behind him. Here we go. Sweet voice, let Yang Tianhu heart move, can not help but look up. I saw a girl who looked like a fairy and smiled like an angel. Her temperament was pure. She wore a ponytail and was about 1.6 meters tall. She was a small and exquisite type. She ran slowly in a long skirt. Yang Tian smiled and could not help saying in her heart: What a pure girl. Brother,smart interactive whiteboard, what's the matter? Tingting said with a smile. "So she is Yan Fei's sister," said Yang Tianxin. When he was in the cell, Yang Tian heard Yan Fei mention it.


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