Fire and Ice Chef

Oscar, the little dragon king, once again spewed out a golden gray lightning in his mouth.

Oscar, the little dragon king, once again spewed out a golden gray lightning in his mouth. He did not dodge, but still rushed straight towards the ice. The golden gray lightning was cut open one by one in front of the golden knife in his hand, which could not make his body stop for half a minute. The two sides watching the battle below stopped breathing at this time. They were all watching nervously. Can this collision decide the victory or defeat? Nian Bing and his sword soul are separated, obviously already at a disadvantage, from his previous performance, in the absence of the sword soul in the case of assistance, it is impossible to block the attack of the Greek world ah! Nian Bing's eyes had completely turned silver at this time. Just when the world thought he was going to launch a mental entity attack, the space suddenly changed again. Nian Bing's hands closed in front of him, and the deep singing stopped in an instant. He was not only an assistant in magic. He is also a powerful magician! Two simple words came out of his mouth. Seal. The world suddenly felt the air around it become sticky, and the bodies of Nianbing and Oscar disappeared again. This time, they changed into countless bodies and scattered around at the same time. When the light of the world's knife cut out without hesitation. Although Cheng broke the thirteenth-order seal magic of Nian Bing. However, in the face of the sudden appearance of hundreds of Nianbing and Oscar, he could not help but be stunned for a moment. Seven sword souls came up at the same time. Hundreds of Nianbing began to sing at the same time, while the hundreds of Oscar kept spewing lightning, with the attack of the sword soul, once again suppressed the world of hope. Lan Yu Gong Shun husband and wife can think of staggered fantasy can not seal the world of hope, how can Nian Bing not think of it? This time, the spell of ice became clear, and everyone below could hear it clearly from the moment his spell began. Once the air became condensed, and without warning, large dark clouds appeared in the sky, blocking the sun, as if the whole world was darkening at this moment. In order to deal with the attack of Nian Bing's mental power entity, Xijie had been prepared,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, but he never thought that Nian Bing had not used his only mental power to threaten himself. And these seven sword souls are really very difficult to deal with under the increase of his Tianyan acupoint, not only the speed is amazing, but also their every attack is to break the face, even the world of hope, must also pay full attention to, dare not be attacked several times by these seven sword souls at the same point, his sword awn is strong, but as the sword soul of the seven peerless swords, in terms of flash and cooperation, seven swords come out together. It can produce a wonderful force field, although it can not hurt the world, but if the world wants to rush out of them or destroy any of them, it will have to pay a certain price. Interlace it! The trail of the sun and the guide of the moon shine a brilliant golden path on the dark road. All the ice turned golden at this moment, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic metal welding, their faces were shining with holy light, singing piously, and the magic elements in the air seemed to be still at this moment, listening to his magnetic voice. Flowing springs! The endless white silk, please answer my call and converge into a river of dreams. "Let the seed of hope take root in the Promised Land through the dead mountains and into the true sea." "The evergreen tree of the world bears yellow fruits, scattered white wings, and soars in the broken earth." "And light the eternal inflammation, turn the endless red lotus, weave each other's wishes, and sprinkle the burning oath to wake up the sleeping earth." Hundreds of Nianbing chanted the same incantation, not like the way Lanchen sang alternately to increase the speed, but in the cadence of the tone, he sang very fast, and at the end of the first few sentences, it was just when the world was surrounded by seven sword souls at the same time and launched the first attack. The following Rongtian asked his father suspiciously, "What spell is Nian Bing singing? Judging from his initial tone, the length of the spell is unimaginable." Prince Rong shook his head with a wry smile and said, "I have never seen this spell in any record.". Indeed, this is obviously a very long spell, and from my experience, the longer the spell, the more terrible the power. Want to destroy the world of such a strong, read ice with this magic must have its own purpose. With the strength of reading ice, it takes a long time to sing, and the destructive power of this spell is bound to be extremely terrible. I'm sure it's going to be a super forbidden spell in the shape of a seven-series fusion. This is the first time I've seen such a spell. In ancient legends, it has been said that if the magician can fully communicate with all magic elements, he can create his own magic, perhaps our ice has reached this level. This is probably the longest spell in the history of magic. Melting the sky to wash a cold breath, "you mean, this is the self-created magic of Nian Bing?"? Is that possible? Prince Rong did not answer again, but nodded firmly, his eyes showing a burning light, as a magician, what is more exciting than to see the ultimate magic? His heart is full of pride for his grandson. But at this time, the incantation of ice is still going on. Combine! "The power of Qiyao" passed down from ancient times "Ice Goddess, you are the blue and gentle moon." "God of fire, you are the red sunrise." "God of the wind, you are the blue flowing and slacking moon." "Earth Goddess, you are the yellow day that gives birth to all things." "God of space, you are the silver magic moon." "God of light, you are the golden day of glory." O God of Darkness! You are the representative of the endless devouring, the purple day of silence. "Resonate on the dark earth, break the long-closed wheel of fate,ultrasonic cutting machine, break the fantasy time and space of the lost self, and radiate your most beautiful glory, the awakening of Mie Qiyao." 。


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