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The long gown is like smoke, the figure is like a charm; the long eyes

The long gown is like smoke, the figure is like a charm; the long eyes are open and closed, the eyes are blurred; the beautiful eyebrows are enchanting; the skin is like suet, the lips are like blue waves; the voice is like a warbler singing in spring; the pink face is shy, like a cherry ripening. The woman was extremely tall, a head taller than the maid beside her. Her posture was gentle and romantic, but the blue clothes were extremely thin. When the night wind blew, the blue clothes danced with the wind, and the outline of her body was soul-stirring. The crisp chest can be grasped, the willow waist seems to be broken at any time in the night wind, and the long legs, which are surprisingly straight and tight, are even more attractive. Xiahou gave a gurgle in his throat and almost coughed up a mouthful of wine. Came to the powder sound Ze but more than an hour, see more beautiful women than previous lives combined, but this blue moon, but better than all the beautiful women in previous lives. He even thought with a sense of guilt that even if his wife Xiaohua and Qingyue in their previous lives were compared, the gap would be as high as several Anyi walls. Xing Tian Xuanzhi's body was motionless, his eyes were already slightly red, and the cold air made all the wine jars and wine jars around him covered with thick ice; Xing Tian Dafeng, Xing Tian, and Xing Tian Aolong swallowed a mouthful of spit at the same time, making no secret of their possession of the woman. Originally sitting on the ground, they straightened their waists at the same time, with a trace of fanaticism on their faces. Li Tianhou, who had always been gentle and elegant, as if he were a graceful scholar, trembled all over his body. The evil ghost, like a painted skin, was torn off the human skin of a beautiful woman. His long loose hair suddenly stood up to the sky. His face was twisted ferociously. His lips were slightly open, revealing a few pale teeth, shining under the lights. His eyes narrowed into a gap, and his undisguised greed and ferocious desire burned, as if he wanted to press the blue moon under his body and abuse it desperately in front of the crowd. Of all the male creatures in the hall, the only one who turned a blind eye to Qingyue was Bai. He had drunk so much that his scales were open, and the smell of wine kept coming out from under his scales,artificial coconut palm trees, and his eyes seemed to be bleeding. This guy tightly grabbed a barbecue leg of pork, sitting foolishly in the corner behind Xiahou, drooling at the leg of pork, a little confused brain, still thinking about where the mouth is the most appropriate. The blue moon's face showed a trace of fear, a little bit of shyness, and a bit of helplessness and resentment. A strange expression mingled with her beautiful face, but it was as mellow and intoxicating as a few drops of liquor added to a jar of honey. There was already a heavy panting sound coming out of Li Tianhou's nose. Master Hei Ming, ladies and gentlemen, my daughter Qingyue is polite. Qingyue, holding a four-foot purple jade flute in her hand, owed her body slightly. Heimingsen Jie gave a few strange laughs. He grabbed a small jar of wine and poured it into it. Pointing at Qingyue bluntly, he said with a smile, "Qingyue, the daughter of the former Secretary of Music. Hey, hey, hey.". Qingfuling offended the king and was ordered to exterminate the clan. All the women were thrown into the music workshop. This Qingyue, silk olive tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, it was the younger brother who managed to save her life and innocence. Glancing at the four brothers Li Tianhou and Xing Tian with a sly smile, Heimingsen said leisurely, "I assure you with my head that Miss Qingyue is still a pure virgin, and the red pill has not been lost.". "The original jade of the top grade of the ten directions, you take her away, and the younger brother gives the girl Qingyue a forty-year old mother. Her charm is still there." Xiahou saw the blue moon's body shaking and lowered his head deeply. Li Tianhou, however, showed a grim smile on his face: "Ten top-grade original jade?"? Heimingsen, your price is too high. Heimingsen shrugged his shoulders, looking as if he were not afraid that you would not be taken in. "Under the assistant minister, there are twenty-one orders in charge of the military, political, cultural, educational, and artistic affairs of the Great Xia Dynasty. It can be said that all the power of the Great Xia Dynasty is in the hands of these twenty-one people.". Hey, hey, hey, even if Li Tianhou wants to find the daughter of an order to ravage and kill at will, I'm afraid it's not that good luck, is it? Pointing to the blue moon at random, Heimingsen looked at the people indifferently: "Even if it is a pig, as long as she is the daughter of an order, there are countless people who want to kiss Fang Ze, not to mention such a beauty?"? "The price of ten top-grade original jade is too reasonable." "It's not her looks that matter," he exclaimed. "It's the identity of her father that matters. "The daughter of an order, the daughter of a rich and powerful family, wouldn't it be more refreshing to play with her?" He looked at Li Tianhou pointedly and said, "Slowly, when I was killing her inch by inch, wouldn't it be even more delicious to listen to her gasping and screaming?"? Maybe we can stimulate her a few more times. Shifang yuanyu, it's worth it! What she bought was her identity! If it's just a beautiful woman, I have thousands of beautiful women, and you can take one away with a jade money. The blue moon lowered her head and remained motionless, but a drop of crystal clear water suddenly fell to the ground. Somehow, Xiahou seemed to see a piece of jasmine in full bloom again. The yellow light in his eyes flashed. He said angrily, "Shameless little man, shut up!" The loud voice startled all the people in the hall, and even the dark dark forest, who had been coy in a strange way, suddenly erected his body and looked at Xiahou in astonishment. That blue moon is stunned to raise his head, stained with two tears on the pink and white face, suddenly appeared some indescribable things, is hope or despair, but also can not say clearly. Hei Mingsen had a strange smile on his face. He looked at Xiahou coldly and suddenly laughed: "Brother Xing Tian, the second brother of Xing Tian, your friend, call me a shameless villain?" Xing Tianxuan leech glanced at Heimingsen, closed his eyes, and leaned against the cushion behind him, too lazy to speak. Xing Tianfeng coughed and said, "Hei Ming, this." Li Tianhou glanced kindly at Xiahou and shook the folding fan in his hand. "Brother Tiger," he said with a smile, "it's really the wild nature of the south." The words are polite, but the meaning of the words is to despise and even ignore Xiahou to the extreme. With a sneer on his face, Li Tianhou thought to himself,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, "I thought this man could win over one or two, but he's just a warrior. What's the use?" Xiahou glared at Li Tianhou and said coldly, "What about the wild nature?" 。 hacartificialtree.com


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